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Rafael Calsaverini

My library @Connotea (under construction).

I'm a doctoral student in Physics, researching into new methods in economics derived from statistical physics and information theory.

I'm also an amateur guitarrist and an author for a pt-br collective blog on physics and general science named Ars Physica.

--Calsaverini 01h49min de 8 de Dezembro de 2008 (UTC)

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Academic Curriculum


  • Doctoral Student in Physics in University of São Paulo since 2008
    • Research:
    • Statistical physics and information theoretical methods in economic analysis.
    • Agent-based modelling in economics
  • M. Sc. in Physics by the University of São Paulo at São Carlos, 2005 - 2007
    • Thesis work: Intersubband spin-orbit coupling in quantum wells.
  • B.S. in Physics by the University of São Paulo at São Carlos, 2000 - 2004

Current Research Interests

  • Machine Learning
  • Gaussian processes
  • Agent-based Modelling
  • Improvement of neo-classical analysis from stat-physical considerations
  • Statistical fluctuations around neo-classical results

Publication List

  1. Calsaverini, R. S. et al, Phys. Rev. B 78, 155313 (2008)
  • URL here
  • Authors: Rafael S. Calsaverini, Esmerindo Bernardes, J. Carlos Egues and Daniel Loss
  1. R. S. Calsaverini and R. Vicente 2009 Europhys. Lett. 88 68003
  • URL here
  • Authors: Rafael S. Calsaverini, R. Vicente
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